Based on Portal’s companion cube, Whappy cube is a game that can bring two people together to share a moment by whapping. Two players sit on opposite sides of the cube and hold it off of the ground. Each player is a color (purple or orange). Each player has two places it can hit, yellow or green. Lock yourself in by touching both of the yellow and green conductive fabric on your player side. A countdown will occur that will then show either yellow or green. As fast as you can (and before your opponent), hit the correct color the LED star shows you. If you hit the correct color before your opponent, you get a point. If you hit the wrong color before your opponent, they get the point. The winner is the first player to get to five points.

Created by : Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio

Stuff used :
-10 NeoPixel LEDs
-conductive fabric
-Adafruit Flora
-hand sewn wool pieces
-conductive thread
-plastic straws

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