Yes Quizz is a game and an ice-breaker including a game master and animator asking general culture questions with nine different themes (cinema, music, politics, religion, cooking, animals, sport, sciences and what the fuck?!).

The game is competitive and requires 2 to 4 players. The players are in a room with a lot of mess (cardboard boxes, chairs, tables…). Then, one question is asked by the game master and a screen display four possible answers corresponding to four buttons with different colors. One color equals one answer. All the buttons are hidden in the room and the players have to find the correct button as soon as possible. To increase the difficulty, the room contains eight buttons. Once that the correct button is pushed, the round is over and one point is assigned to the player which found the correct answer. The game master has different roles : asking questions, manage the time and assigned the points to the players. He animates the game with a comic and mocking tone.

Created by : Bastien Cohen, Alexis Durieu et Nicolas Dumontier

Stuff used :
-Arcade push buttons
-LED strip lights