Edgar Rice Journey is a physical-digital installation game for teams of 2 to 4, set in a jungle of 20 hanging PlayStation Move controllers. The game is a sequel to a couple previous installations including Edgar Rice Soiree.

In Edgar Rice Journey, players make their way through a series of levels, which gradually layer in new mechanics and challenges. Players must chase and hold controllers that match their team colors, as the colors move around the play space. The game is both a physical game and a team coordination challenge.

Unlike previous iterations of the game, Edgar Rice Journey asks players to discover and teach themselves all the rules. The installation features a floor or wall projection that displays a cryptic level title hinting at the new mechanic or task. As such, it is also a puzzle game, asking players to figure out together what each level is asking of them.

Created by : Douglas Wilson, David Kanaga, Thomas Perl, Melissa McGlensey

Stuff used :
– 20 Playstation Move controllers

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Photo by Nick Robertson