Edgar Rice Soirée (formerly known as Awkward Tarzan Grinding Game and Edgar Rice Frotteur) is a 20-controller competitive PS Move game for 4 players. The players navigate a jungle off hanging PSMove controllers and each one of them is assigned a color. The goal is to always hold two controllers of your color. As long as you have two controllers pressed, you are safe. If no controllers of your color are pressed, you are eliminated instantly. If only one controller of your color is pressed, you begin to lose life energy quickly, so you need to grab a second one quickly. Colors move around the jungle and the pace speeds up as the game progresses. Blocking the others’ paths with your body is authorized and awkward body contact encouraged.

Created by: Douglas Wilson, Adam Henriksson, David Kanaga & Thomas Perl

Stuff used:
– 20 PS Moves
– strings

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