The players control Mr Ferdinand Laboite’s brain with several mices and stripped down keyboards that are inside the wooden head box. Each input is linked to a specific part of Ferdinand (knee, hip, elbow, eye, mouth…) and can make him move, speak, or perform special actions. The goal is to help him eat his meal.

The wooden head box is filled with different materials (fabric, plastic, wool, a LOT of weird jelly…) to make the keyboards/mices harder to find for the player(s).

The game and the custom head-thingy controller were both made in 48h as part of the 2014 ZooMachines festival.

Created by: Pol Clarissou, Delphine Fourneau, Armel Gibson, Typhaine Uro, Michael Verbeke & Lucie Viatgé

Stuff used:
-a computer
-a wooden box
-stripped down keyboards
-various materials to fill the box (fabric, plastic, wool, jelly…)

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