Gigantomachie is a versus fighting game played with 2 giant controllers for up to 12 players. Each controller is 3 m (10 ft) long and has 6 buttons evenly dispersed on its surface. These controllers allows players to control two giants facing each other. Different strategies of playing are possible depending on the number of people participating. Due to the large size of the controller, players must physically move around in order to reach every button. When playing as a team, each player will be responsible of an individual action of the giant and will need to synchronize with the other players or their team to win the battle. This installation is meant to be displayed on a large surface such as a building. This inverts the typical means of display (TV/Computer screens) where the player manipulates it’s avatar easily and with a size superiority.

Created by : One Life Remains, with help from Delphine Fourneau

Stuff used :
– 1 computer
– 2 giant controllers
– 1 projector

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