Ping Pong FM is a musical take on table tennis. Choose a song and keep it playing at the correct tempo by keeping the ball in play. Rally too slowly, or drop the ball, and the music will wind down to a stop. Ping Pong FM uses a variety of tech to detect when the players hit the ball and adjust the music’s speed based on how well they’re playing. Ping Pong FM this is a team game in which players have to work together to keep the party going.

Created by : Mark Wheeler, Christopher Arzt, Alaa Mendili, Camille Durand, Kevin Bleich, Demetre Arges, Paul Williamson, Graham Bullis, Catherine Schultz, Brandon Hilliard, Les Hilliard and Tyler Coray.

Stuff used :
-wooden paddles
-contact microphones
-table tennis table

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