Shape Fitter is a game for the Haptic Controller. It explores intricate manipulation of 3D geometric shapes of varying complexity. The player needs to move and orient the shapes in 3D space to fit through a corresponding shape-cradle in a moving wall. Shapes are oriented using the two handles of the controller as if the player is holding the shape with his/her hands. Compression of the controller’s spring affects the speed of the moving wall, while bending and twisting of the spring provide ways to transfigure the shape.

The Haptic Controller looks like a 7-inch Slinky attached to two handles. Each handle houses sensors that independently track motion, orientation, force, and length as the user modifies the shape of the coil by twisting, compressing, expanding, or shaking it. These actions generate control signals mapped to software algorithms that create and process auditory and visual data, or any other type of data, in real time. The signals are then sent wirelessly to a computer or real object, like a robot or radio-controlled plane.
Heart rate and detection of changes in the stress level of an individual using the controller are currently being developed and will be added to the existing sensing mechanisms.

Created by: Tomás Henriques

Stuff used:
-Haptic controller