Since 1991 in some smoke-filled arcade room, the joystick motions have become an unmissable quirk of the fighting games. Sweep Fighter aims to send back the player to this time where people would try anything just to get a Shoryuken.

Sweep Fighter is a fighting game exclusively played with a graphics tablet. By drawing those figures that have become iconic (Quarter motion, Shoryuken motion, etcE and some others, the players make their characters move, jump and attack. But more than a fighting game, Sweep Fighter is an invitation to experiment and have fun with the controller as pretty much any simple combination does something.

Created by:  Jean AUQUIER, Theo CASELLI, Benoit CASSIN, Lucas DEVILLERS, Thibault HUBERT, Augustin POTELLE

Stuff used :
-2 Graphics Tablets + Stylus
-2 Computers

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