In Space Pylons you play as astronauts lost in space. You and your friend have to link pylons together  to go back in your spaceship . But there is enough power for only one teleportation, and another team want to get home too.

There are seven PVC pylons in the room and they all can be linked together by human chains. The electricity is conducted by the bodies to the next pylon which is then activated. Each of them are composed of three parts :

  • One part with 5volt.
  • One part with a ground port
  • One part for led strips.

The ground and the 5 volt part are linked to a makey makey, thanks to that we can collect an input. We use the input collected in Unity for our game. Concerning the led strips, we use an Mega Arduino Card to activate them and change their colors.

Created by : Ewan ARGOUSE, Quentin MILANA, Edrick POTDEVIN, Pauline BOITTIAUX & Marie CORDONNIER

Stuff used :
– custom pylons
– Makey makey
– LED strips
– Mega Arduino Card