The Incredible Playable Show is a 1-hour interactive stage show where everybody in the room gets to be a part of the action. Each show comprises of multiple games custom-made for the stage or with specially-made custom controllers. Games that have featured in the show include:

  • Go! Power Team! – volunteers from the audience wear wireless buttons to become the mighty Power Rangers
  • Codex Bash – the award-winning puzzle installation, redesigned for the audience to work as as team
  • Buoy Racers – navigate a nautical maze using pool inflatables as controllers
  • Voice controlled Sega Mega Drive – classic console games controlled by the audience shouting
  • Match Me If You Scan – zap members of of the audience with a barcode scanner to find matching pairs

As well as creating all the games seen in the show, Alistair also dons a ringmaster’s outfit to become The Incredible Playable Host.

With the humour of the shown driven by the audience’s creative interpretation of the rules, it takes influence from clowning and improv comedy.

Created by : Alistair Aitcheson

Stuff used :
-Depends on the games featured

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