W.S.S.B.I.S.C. or (Western Shooting Simulation Between Indiana Jones, Spider-man & a Cowboy)¬† is a duel and reflex game where both players must make a combination of buttons with the glove on their hand in order to pull first. The goal is to press the right combination of buttons as quickly as possible. Players will have to identify the right¬† combination to make with LEDs on the other player’s chest. An audible countdown will announce to the player when he must draw. A button will check if the arm is in the waiting position. Watch for the LED on your opponent chest and be the first to make the right button combination corresponds to the lit sign.

Created by : Quentin Romand, Thomas Delhaye, Julien Barreault, Paul Thibault, Jean Hardy, Mathieu Way, Victor Mauduy.

Stuff used :
– Arduino card
– handmade gloves and breast plate
– many buttons and LEDs