Overflow is a party game designed for children during summer events. It is playable by 2 to 4 people and will challenge their ability to communicate, organize themself and mostly their balance.

Overflow will ask its players to make a bridge for water to move between 2 points with the arrival changing every so often.  When the bridge is stable and the water link the 2 points, the group will earn a lot of points. But when those condition aren’t filled, they will lose some points. At the end of their run, after 60 seconds, they’re total scored will be registered and will become a new objectif to overcome.

Unfortunately for the players, there will be obstacles on their way. And the bamboo stick, very thin, are rapidly overflowing with water, making everyone participating wet.

The player will be immersed in our world with a projection of our world on screens and the obstacles will be real life obstacles made in cardboard or plastic.

Created by: Allan Claver, Jérome bonnet, François Loing, Jacques Sockeel, Théo Barbé, Océane Pimpit, Yannis Giarraffa, Maxime Filipovich

Stuff used:
– Makey makey
– Rubber hose sleeve
– Aluminium
– Electric Cable