Drunk-Man (or Arak Man)

A physical interface for Pac-Man that turns the single-player arcade classic into a cooperative drinking game for 4-5 players. Each player is assigned to a direction (up/down/left/right), and should drink Arak (an anised based alcohol) from a straw to move Pac-Man.

Created by; Shalev Moran

Stuff used:
– 4 bottles
– 4 straws (for each round)
– Delicious booze (preferably Arak, mixed with water or juice)
– Conductive wiring and plating
– 1 Makey Makey kit

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1 Comment

  1. gen efi

    I enjoyed playing that game so much….thank you Shalev for great idea….
    Waiting for the next brilliant idea..

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