Through the Curtain is a sensual, intimate and (probably) uncomfortable experience in which two strangers will learn to trust each other…and maybe eventually get naked. In an isolated cabin separated by a curtain, they’re not allowed to see or speak to each other and only interact through computers/tablets…

Little by little, the players are led to trust and discover each other through the curtain. They’ll hold hand, they’ll exchange phone numbers, they’ll breathe together and maybe, if they trust each other enough, they’ll gradually get naked.

Except the players, nobody will know what happened in there.

Created by: Celia Bétourné, Pierre Corbinais, Brice Dubat, Célia Gironnet, Luc Leture, Loïc Perillier

Stuff used:
-two computers or tablets
-a cubicle divided in two by a curtain

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