In Far Away Cage, you play as a mechanic in a spaceship, trapped in a maintenance pod after a creature sneaked in and attacked the crew. This pod gives you access to different parameters of the ship such as an audio feedback of the ship’s rooms, control of these rooms’ doors and light system and control over the oxygen level in each room. You hear the voice of one of your colleagues who survived the attack (AI, not a player) through your radio which gives you  information about his surroundings and needs your help to get from one part of the ship to another. With all the controls you have, you need to guide him to various objectives in order to get rid of the creature and free yourself from this pod.

Created by : Robert Biaulet, Léo Fornini, Maryne Thiriez, Nathan Zwald

Stuff Used :
– 24 6.5mm Jacks
– 24 Toggles and 8 (6 small, 2 big)
– retro-lit buttons to give players all they need to survive this nightmare
– Arduino boards
– computer