A party game with alternative inputs! Take your drink, empty your drink, fill your drink, empty your drink, fill your… That’s how our game is played! (Of course, it’s also possible to play with just water…)

Each player has a controller composed of 2 bases and on each base is lock an empty drink with a straw. Connect your controller to your computer, launch the game application, start the game! For the rest, it’s very simple: each player controls a character on the screen who must collect the treasure first. To do it: fill your left drink to go up, drink it to go down, fill your right drink to go right, drink it to go left!

Created by : Florentin Lombard and Hugo Raguin (concept), Sébastien Porte, Alan Lacante & Julien Vernier (controller design)

Stuff used :
– 4 balances HX711
– support for the balances
– cables to connect the balances to the Arduino
– computer (best if connected to a TV)
– USB cable to connect the Arduino to the computer
– 4 glasses
– straws