Hugatron is a game about hugging your partner/opponent. It only requires a computer to play. 3 modes are available: Versus (first to disengage loses), Lift me up (the player able to lift their opponent off the floor for the longest wins) and Straight Jacket (one player must escape from the other’s hug as quick as they can!). Hug type are randomly picked by the computer and the players need to execute them. The hugs are the Bear (a classic bear hug), the Cup (cup any(!) part of your opponent’s body, and maintain that contact), the Pillow (cheek-to-cheek or cheek-to-shoulder contact must be maintained), the Rubber (the hugger must change the position of theirs hands every 3 seconds. Bodily movement encouraged), the Dudebro (clasp the forearm of your opponent, then fold your free arm around their shoulder) ans The Side-by-side (the only rule is that you must hug from the side).

Created by: Spilt Milk Studios & Andrew Roper

Stuff used:
-a computer

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