Magnetize me is a two player game where one player is mounted with 2-5 Move Controllers and the other player with 2 magnets. One “blue” magnet and one “yellow” magnet. The magnets and move controllers will be mounted however possible and on different body parts (up to the players how “erotic” it should be). When the game is on, a random Move Controller will light up in either blue or yellow showing which magnet to be connect that controller to. The players must then keep that controller and magnet close together while dancing to the beat. The more you dance (move to the beat), the higher the score. This however, also makes it more difficult! And fun!
Created by: Morten Mygind, Lena Mechtchanova, Amani Naseem, Giacomo Neri & Patrick Jarnfelt
Stuff used:
-2-5 move controllers (5 is better)
-2 strong magnets (neodymimum)
-Gaffer or straps to fix them

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