Panic! at the Potion is a game in which Theorus Magnima, an alchemist master, gives the opportunity to four apprentices to prepare the famous potion which allows to grant a wish. They will have to cooperate and carry it out before the time runs out.

The apprentices are separated from each other and each has a table on which there are many potions. Two of them have grimoires which contain the precious recipe, the other two have cauldron to place the potions. The four will have to communicate and succeed in exchanging the precious potions by interstices to be able to make the potion of Theorus Magnima.

So good luck apprentices, and remember…Communication is the key!

Created by : Johanna Bradel, Louis Fauchois, Timothé Lafranche, Titouan Mergem

Stuff used :
– w
alls (cardboard)
– tables
– potions
– 2 grimoiries with potion recipes (screens)
– the caudrons (potion receptors)
– Arduino boards
– props (candles, books, parchments…).